Report Dashboard for Instructors

How to access the Report Dashboard

The URL for the Dashboard is

Understanding the Display

The Icons for each class (green area on the Dashboard) provide (from left to right) the:

  1. Survey URL link to give to students
  2. Preview of the survey as students will experience it
  3. Printable version of the survey
  4. A quick report of the data collected
  5. Response rate data and link to report of users who completed the survey. Click the thermometer to learn names of students who have completed the survey.

Combining Reports

It is possible to combine several class sections into one, by selecting the classes and then getting one of three combined reports:

  1. Combined Quick Report (HTML)
  2. Raw data in Excel
  3. Custom Excel Report


Where is the link to give students?

Most course evaluations are set up to use the Skylight Student Dashboard.  SImply send your students to where they will see a personalized list of all course evaluations they are to complete.  For non-course-evaluation surveys, the left most icon in the row, a link of chain, has the URL to give students.

Who took my survey?

The right-most icon, a thermometer showing response rate, is also a link to more respondent names and response rate information.

How do I download students who took the survey to my gradebook?

It is possible to download the respondent list (see Who took my survey?) in Excel.

How does an instructor get access to see a class?

Anyone can log into the Dashboard ( Surveys and pools within surveys are made available to instructors by the survey's author.