Welcome to the Skylight Matrix Survey System Knowledge Base

 WSU Students:

Go to https://skylight.wsu.edu/student

for your personalized list of online course evaluations. (You will be prompted to login.) 

Washington State University faculty members, staff or students can log into Skylight with your WSU Network ID (NID) and password.  You do not need to create a Skylight account.

Taking Surveys or Course Evaluations

This is commonly referred to as the Skylight student dashboard.

For students to take surveys


For non student surveys


The current respondent dashboard for Skylight makes no distinction between students and other NID holders. Links to surveys are presented by AD authorization for all WSU NID holders.

 Reporting for Surveys

To see reports for surveys when you are not an author on the survey.




Via the section picker process, the NID of authorized instructors are given dashboard access to see course evaluation or other reports for the particular section they teach.

 Section Picking

to pick sections for a course evaluation or other course based survey


Sections are picked here and then the cart ID for the chosen sections is imported using the Skylight authoring function.

Survey Authoring

To author a survey


Skylight Help

For google site for Skylight written help documentation


Screen shots and written description of the student respondent dashboard is here.